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there's always something going on at Royal on the Park Hotel and Suites Brisbane!

Whether its one of the free events or seasonal promotions at the hotel or any of the events taking place just outside our doors, there's always something going on at Royal on the Park Brisbane. If you’ve already booked your stay, browse our event calendar to find out what’s on during your stay in the Brisbane CBD. Or, if you’re looking for a reason to get away, why not make plans to join us for these special events.

Rainbow Circles (Healing Circles)

3 - 27 Sept. FREE

Brightly coloured, luminescent rainbow arches dance and glow in the garden space outside Metro Arts.

Hiromi Tango

Hiromi’s outdoor masterpiece, Rainbow Circles (Healing Circles), beckons people into a transformative space of joy and wonder.

Brightly coloured luminescent rainbow arches dance and glow in the garden at West Village, calling us to explore what lies over the rainbow.

Many of Hiromi's past projects have involved extensive community participation and collective action, and she has been working to re-imagine how we can still bring people together emotionally and intellectually in light of physical distancing needs. 

Rainbow Circles (Healing Circles) has been developed using years research and experimentation around how light, colour and contour can contribute to mental well-being, and invites community members of all ages to reconsider how we interact with our environment, and each other.

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