Car Park Facilities

Car Park Facilities

Brisbane CBD Parking is simple at the Royal on the Park Hotel. We offer secure and cost effective car park facilities for our guests and the public. With self parking or valet parking options available, parking in the Brisbane CBD has never been easier.


Do you have many visitors or staff to your office whom are constantly looking for parking? Why not Bulk purchase parking vouchers from us. With 1 year validity, your visitors can park at the hotels central location and your reception team can take care of their parking charges by giving them a voucher. What could be easier?

Vouchers can be purchased at the following rates:

Vouchers Price Price per Vehicle
Voucher Books 10 10 $250 $25 – on exit only (up to 24 hours)
Voucher Books 20
20 $450 $22.50 – on exit only (up to 24 hours)
Voucher Books 50
50 $1000 $20 – on exit only (up to 24 hours)
Voucher Books 100 100 $1800 $18 – on exit only (up to 24 hours)

If you wish to discuss our parking options further, please contact our Assistant Manager anytime of 07-3221-3411 or

Car Park Facilities


(Accommodation and Conference Attendees)

Convenient, secure and cost effective, parking is available to our valued guests at the discounted price of $28 for self parking or $35 for our valet services.

Car Park Facilities


Car parking is complimentary to guests dining in The Walnut Restaurant. We offer one (1) free car park per $100 spend in The Walnut Restaurant. So relax and join us for free parking and a sensational meal in The Walnut Restaurant, one of the city’s most popular formal dining restaurants in Brisbane.

Car Park Facilities


We have numerous parking options for city residents and workers. Our new car parking system is easy to use, quick and efficient with flexible payment options.

Our packages include:

  • Unlimited parking for one vehicle – 24 / 7 access from $400 per month.
  • Permanent parkers – pay as you go at $20 per day.
  • Casual parking from $32