The Brisbane floods, 40 years on

Sometimes memorable for all the wrong reasons, mention the year 1974 to any Australian and you’re more than likely going to hear a wide variety of stories or anecdotes regarding the weather.

1974 is notably infamous for 2 particularly devastating weather systems. In December, cyclone Tracy tore through Darwin causing 71 deaths and over $800 million in damage.

Earlier that year in Queensland, cyclone Wanda crossed the coast on January 24th, North of Brisbane and caused an already rain drenched area to become drastically flooded. Moving down the Upper Brisbane River, the flooding eventually broke the banks and rose over many streets, houses and businesses in Ipswich and Brisbane’s outer suburbs and its CBD.


One business notably affected was the then 5 year old Royal on the Park Hotel (known then as the Parkroyal). Located adjacent the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, the ‘Royals’ vicinity to the Brisbane river would have the flood effect it dramatically. Guests evacuating through the hotel’s lobby had to wade through debris laden water 170 centimetres deep, with many opting to carry their luggage over their heads, and honeymooning grooms their new wives.


In the first few weeks of February the waters subsided, leaving in its wake mud, mortalities and memories. In subsequent years flood mitigation systems were developed to prevent or at least minimise damage done by another anomalous wet period. Opinion is tenuous as to whether these systems worked, as seen in January 2011 when another record flood was to hit the Brisbane river and the ‘Royal’. With no water entering the building this time, the ‘Royal’ was spared with only car park and pool damage. Sadly many others were not so fortunate.


The ‘Royal on the Park Hotel’ remembers and offers its deepest respects and sympathies to the loved ones of those affected and lost in both the 1974 and 2011 floods.

Care to try medal winning cuisine?


If so, then we’re sure you’re in for a treat, as two rather talented chefs – one of them an apprentice from the Royal on the Park Hotel Brisbane found out on the 11th September 2013. The Nestle Golden Chefs Hat competition wrapped up in Sydney last week, and many up and coming chefs went home with slightly heavier carry-on luggage after the experience. The Walnut Restaurant team were no exception, with both Cobi Riethmuller and Matthew Clark both receiving two silver and one bronze medal.


The Walnut Restaurants team, from the Royal on the Park Hotel medalled at the Queensland regional competition on the 20th July 2013, and has since been eagerly and busily practicing their art for the last 6 weeks in anticipation of the National finals, for which they qualified. Held at the William Angliss Institute and sponsored by Nestle Professional and the Australian Culinary Federation, the Golden Chef’s Hat awards are ‘the only national chef competition dedicated to the development of young chefs and apprentices’.


Cobi and Matthew received their accolades for the following creation-


The Bronze winning Entrée –

Pan roasted duck breast with duck sausages, sautéed red witlof and bokchoy, white asparagus and a coconut red curry broth


The Silver winning Main Course –

Emerald Valley lamb 3 ways

Ragout of Knuckle with Roma style potato gnocchi;

Pan roasted rump with a puree of purple yam and sautéed rainbow spinach;

Presse of silverside with braised leeks and gremolata


The Silver winning Dessert –

Pistachio Delice atop a sable biscuit with honey figs, chocolate mousse and caramel sauce


Naturally, the Walnut Restaurant and the Royal on the Park Hotel were impressed enough that their creation will be featured as a special menu in the coming weeks, giving you a chance to taste silver and bronze.

Surfing in your hotel room, on a wave of 180+ channels

One of the many treats that many travellers enjoy is to return to their hotel room, relax and enjoy some TV to unwind after a big day. In the past, what often happened was that the selection was so bad that channel surfing was more of a burden than a bliss out.

As the times have changed, so has the technology and offerings in one Brisbane hotel. The Royal on the Park Hotel Brisbane has recently replaced all of its existing televisions with state of the art ‘Smart TV’ technology. This paired with the hotels’ fibre optic internet (offered as high speed WiFi, FREE for all hotel guests, delegates and diners) results in an astounding 180+ television channel selection that guests can surf through as they wish!

Besides the 22 Australian free to air channels, the Royal on the Park also offers six free Foxtel channels and forty worldwide radio and news channels. If free to air television isn’t your kind of blockbuster, then perhaps 10+ new release ppv channels and 100+ blockbuster ppv channels are enough to entice a room service delivery of popcorn.

Also on offer are 10+ free international television channels – French, Russian, Spanish, Asian to name a few.

If that’s not enough, the ‘Smart TV’ has the ability for guests to connect their USB/ HDMI/ VGA devices and watch their own content for free also.

The Royal on the Park Hotel, the first Brisbane hotel to offer completely FREE high speed internet to their guests since September 2012, now offers all guests this amazing plethora of entertainment, all in the comfort and privacy of their own rooms.

Royal on the Park Hotel Sustainability Policy 2013

Built in 1969, Royal on the Park is one of the first hotels to be established in Brisbane and is renowned for its history, elegance and professional service. Our Hotel is setting the bar for other independent properties demonstrating that best practices in sustainability are achievable at a local level. We believe that implementing the key principles of our Sustainability Program is only possible by working in partnership with our owners, guests, suppliers and employees.

Royal on the Park is committed to minimising our property’s operational impact on the environment through resource conservation and best practices. Our Sustainability Policy aims to produce an outcome whereby we protect the Hotel’s natural surroundings and create a positive future for generations to come. We are determined to minimise our environmental impact and carbon footprint while reducing our operating costs and growing revenue.


In delivering this commitment, all Royal on the Park stakeholders will endeavour to:

  • Identify the current costs of environmental impacts throughout the business
  • Work diligently to minimise our waste and conserve natural resources, through recycling and other green alternatives
  • Value the natural and cultural heritage of our property, allowing us to give our guests an authentic local experience
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and strive to follow best environmental practices
  • Make environmental considerations an important aspect of decision making
  • Review the objectives and targets of our Sustainability Program on a regular basis
  • Build local partnerships in the community to allow us to share our message, effect positive environmental change, and raise awareness for our employees and guests
  • Always consider the opinions and feedback of our guests when examining our environmental programs and procedures
  • Measure our carbon footprint to lower our impact on the environment
  • Improve employee, client and supplier relationships to benefit and green the supply chain
  • Create alliances with local environmental organisations and community events
  • Identify areas for improvement and innovation with the support and efforts of the Sustainability Group


Over the next 12 months, Royal on the Park’s Sustainability targets are:

Sustainability Pillar

Key Performance Indicator



Increase recycling by 12.5% per month and decrease landfill by 1 tonne/month

Decrease Food Wastage

Increase OzHarvest pick-ups Decrease reams of paper used


Implement 3 new stakeholder awareness / participation initiatives





Decrease energy use by 5%

LED lighting

Power saving device

Get the gold for going Green, again!

Royal on the Park Hotel Brisbane wins GBTA AUS/ NZ Sustainability Award for the second consecutive year!

Royal on the Park are very pleased to have been awarded the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Sustainability Award for the second year running at the GBTA’s Conference awards dinner in Sydney on Monday evening. The Sustainability Award recognises organisations that make sustainability a core function in their business operations, and lead the way by commitment and actions to implement sustainable practices for their business, employees and customers.

Eco designer amenities now at the Royal on the Park Hotel Brisbane

Staying at the Royal on the Park Hotel Brisbane is now just that little more comfortable and well appointed. As the hotel recently wrapped up its multi-million dollar refurbishment and won the prestigious QHA Award for “Best Redeveloped Accommodation Hotel”, we knew we couldn’t just stop there. Part of the hotel experience is the relaxation at the end of a hard day at work, or to end a great leisurely day out and about town. And what better way to relax with a renowned Australian designers own range of pamper products.

15th May 2012

We’re proud to unveil our brand new website! With so many new and upgraded features, we hope you’ll find this as useful and feature rich as we do. In the coming months and years, we look forward to posting many blogs, posts and updates on the site, and hope you find them interesting and useful.

Meet degustation dining…

Do you sometimes feel that there are no restaurants left where you can have a private conversation while enjoying fantastic food? It seems there’s a trend for minimalist and alfresco décor.
The Walnut Restaurant and Lounge Bar at the Royal on the Park Hotel Brisbane is quite content being the exception to this trend.
Firstly the feel- it’s simply classy.

Getting wise about worrying wifi charges?

Whether you’re a frequent traveller, frequent flyer, or perhaps only travel once or twice a year…..  you’ll be familiar with the terror that is felt when you ask “How much is your internet access here?”.

Complementing its rich tradition of exceptional service and complete comfort, the Royal on the Park Hotel Brisbane is now proud to be the only hotel in Brisbane to offer FREE internet access with no fees, no charges, no strings, no download limits, no speed limiting and no asterisks’. Just fast wireless internet.

Soft and cuddly helps win the race

In this era of high tech assistance, one would ask – “How could teddy bears surely help out at a hospital?”
In 2010 the Royal on the Park Hotel Brisbane partnered with the RBWH Foundation in an effort to focus the hotel’s fundraising activities, and create a common goal that hotel guests, staff and the RBWH could strive towards.
Helping the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Foundation is certainly an immensely cause for all, and especially for those who know someone who needs a helping hand (or paw) up. On Thursday 7th June 2012, the Royal on the Park Hotel was proud to present their latest donation cheque to the RBWH, in the Foundation’s continuing cause to help make medical research that little bit easier. This was an extra special contribution, as Thursday’s donation was the proceeds from the ‘Royal Bears’ initiative championed by the hotel. A purchase and donate program, in which all proceeds from purchasing the ‘Alice and Albert’ bears from the hotel are donated to the RBWH.
Currently sold exclusively at the hotels reception desk and at the RBWH, the Royal Bears will also soon be making their premiere on their very own Facebook and hotel webpage shop.