Classroom seating in rows of conference tables with chairs facing the front of a room (and usually a speaker), providing writing space for each person.

This room set-up is ideal for note taking, meetings requiring multiple handouts or reference materials, or other tools such as laptop computers. This is the most comfortable set-up for long sessions and allows refreshments to be placed within reach of each attendee. Tables that extend beyond the stage or podium should be angled toward the speaker. Presenter can see all participants; accommodates large groups in less space


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Facing Poolside
Facing Rollerstore
SCKS Ballroom
288 252
Avro Bristol
135 147
Avro Bristol Ext
183 210
Catalina Dehavilland
108 105
Catalina Dehavilland Ext
144 141
Avro / Bristol
54 72
Catalina / Dehavilland
36 48
Terrace (level 1)
21 21
Boardroom (level 1)
Southern Cross Pavillion
54 54