Cabaret seating consists of a group of round tables, each seating 6-8-10 people usually, set to facilitate serving food, usually in a hexagonal design. Seating around 1/2 of the table so all are facing towards the front allowing everyone to face a presenter.

Best usage: Banquet-style is the setup plan of choice for most meal functions. In addition, it is also useful for small business meetings and breakouts or groups involving group interaction and/or note taking.


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Facing Poolside
Facing Rollerstore
SCKS Ballroom
320 328
Avro Bristol
160 160
Avro Bristol Ext
200 200
Catalina Dehavilland
120 112
Catalina Dehavilland Ext
160 152
Avro / Bristol
64 64
Catalina / Dehavilland
48 48
Terrace (level 1)
24 24
Boardroom (level 1)
Southern Cross Pavillion
56 56